Copy These 8 Digital Marketing Tactics From Amazon And Watch You Sales Take-off

8 amazon marketing tactics you can use to grow traffic to your website

Chris Von Wilpert at highlights 8 digital marketing tactics Amazon uses in his case study, “How Amazon Generates $136 Billion In Sales.” Like a lot of “epic” digital marketing pieces these days, it’s a rather lengthy piece and not really suited for anyone who’s short on time or who does not want to dig into the nitty gritty.

Though it is rather long, Chris’s piece does have some substance as it showcases a lot of good ideas that almost anyone, at any website (ecommerce or not) can mimic to generate results-albeit on a smaller scale than Amazon.

For those who just want a tactical summary to work from or to share with your hired marketing guru, Chris already (thankfully) summarizes his 8 key tactics, and we think they’re pretty good.

Here are the eight key takeaways:

  1. Master Google AdWords With Amazon’s “eCommerce Relevance-Raising” PPC Strategy – You can still run custom PPC ads easily, even if you have thousands of products. Amazon does this by using templates to automatically create highly targeted ads with:
    1. dynamic keyword insertion
    2. unique selling points
    3. product category landing pages
  2. Sell A Loss Leader Product On The Front End To Make 4X More Money On The Back End – See if there’s a way losing money upfront on a loss leader product can help you win big in the future. Just make sure you design your other products to be natural next purchases. Amazon does this by selling their Kindle products at a loss because they know they’ll make more money later when people buy digital media.
  3. The Charity Affiliate Program You Can Use To Profit From Philanthropy While Giving Back – Partner with affiliates that have the type of customers you want to attract. Then, make it a mutually beneficial relationship; you promote them on your website, and they promote you with the premade marketing materials you give them. Amazon does this right by partnering with charities and giving them 0.5% back
  4. Five Product Page Conversion Elements To Increase Conversion Rates On Your Product Pages – Use Amazon’s five product page conversion elements to push visitors to buy now. Amazon uses:
    1. social proof
    2. discounting, urgency and scarcity
    3. 1-click buy buttons (you’ll need a coder for this one)
    4. upselling and cross-selling
    5. Smart Bars on their pages
  5. Short 14 Second “Show, Don’t Tell” Product Video Ads You Can Use To Go Viral – Research what your customers are saying to you via email, reviews, and social media, then use that information form the foundation of your next marketing campaign. Amazon did it by getting inspiration from Echo product reviews to create short 14-second videos for their #justask marketing campaign.
  6. The Portable “Pop-Up Shop” Strategy To Sell Exactly Where Your Customers Are – Put your eCommerce products directly in front of your customers. Amazon does this with their pop-up shop strategy (Not sure how practical this is for most readers, but if you get creative, there may be some opportunities).
  7. Add Recurring Revenue To Your Ecommerce Business With Amazon Prime’s 3 Success Tactics – Add recurring revenue to your eCommerce business by creating a product that adds more value to your customers’ purchases. Amazon does it with their Prime membership program where you get faster shipping on your purchases plus video streaming, music streaming, file storage and more benefits for one low monthly fee.
  8. 5 Types Of Emails You Should Send After Making A Sale If You Want To Make Even More Sales – Increase your repeat buyers with Amazon’s five post-purchase email types including:
    1. the first purchase congratulations email
    2. the order confirmation email
    3. the order shipped email
    4. the review your purchase email
    5. the sales event email

Best of luck!

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