Are You a Small Business Owner without a Website? Join the Club but Don’t Stay Too Long!

You’ve built your small business from scratch. You put years of hard work and dedication into your company and its paid off. While building and establishing your business is the hard part, you’ve found yourself in an all too common position for small businesses these days. You don’t have your own website. Don’t panic many small businesses find themselves in the same place. Maybe you’re in a slump and need to branch out and expand, or maybe you’re just looking to maximize your profits. Whatever your reasoning is, an online presence is an absolute necessity today for any business large or small.

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Be Seen

Unlike a decade ago, having a website for your business is absolutely crucial, rather than a novel luxury. Just like all of your other marketing and advertising efforts, a small business website is the face of your company. Think about the last time you needed to look up a business. Did you go to the yellow pages? Or did you go to Google? In a world with information literally at our fingertips, providing a way for you to be easily found is more valuable than any billboard or commercial. A well designed small business website dramatically increases your visibility and customer base by putting your business exactly where it needs to be found.

Social Media or: Let Your Customers Advertise For You

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The advent of social media has forever changed the way people communicate and share information. When they find something that tickles their fancy, people love to like, pin, or retweet it to the world. Many business owners have taken advantage of this and you can too. You just need something for your customers to share with one another. Pairing a small business website with social media is practically free advertising for your company. Impressed visitors to your website can like or tweet your business on sites like Facebook or Twitter, creating a buzz and in turn driving more visitors (and potentially customers) to your site. People are already talking, why not engage them? Promote your business with online specials available on your website and watch the likes and retweets roll in. With minimal effort to maintain a social media presence and interact with your customers, this form of advertising practically does all the work for you.

Selling Online: Make Money 24/7

The real benefit of having a small business website is profit. Ecommerce took Amazon from a small bookseller to the most powerful retail force in the world. If you can sell in a store, chances are you can sell online. Moving product from your website instead of a physical location benefits your customers as well. Customers can shop at their leisure 24/7, while freeing you from the massive overhead you’d need offline. Doing business online also eliminates distance as an obstacle. You might have thousands of potential customers all across the country, why not reach them? Setting up shop online will bring these customers to you.

Lead Generation: Attract New Customers

Your website is also a powerful customer attraction and acquisition tool. In fact, other than speaking with you – the owner – directly, your website is the next best marketer and sales person for your business. A properly designed website can be a lead generation machine, and with proper analytics in place to track who’s coming to your site and from where, you’ll know exactly where your top potential customers can be found and how much you’re spending to acquire them – critical stuff when you’re thinking about profitability and what exactly you’re getting in return for each dollar that’s spent on marketing and advertising.

Not All Websites Are Made Equal

Poorly designed websites can turn off a potential customer in an instant. The 90s are over and your website needs to be both appealing and functional. You wouldn’t pay for an ugly billboard, why pay for a poorly designed site? At Ella J Designs we pride ourselves on creating high quality, effective website solutions for the modern web. Our websites are optimized for high-ranking search results, social media integration, and compatibility with mobile devices. We value our clients and put the same care and attention into building effective and mutually beneficial relationships as we do into building websites.

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