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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Live in 2018

What is Facebook Live? Facebook Live is a way to stream live video through your Facebook Page or personal Facebook profile. As video becomes a more predominant way to connect and communicate on social media the move to live video streaming makes sense — social media works best when we’re in the moment. ~ Hubspot

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Instagram Now Allows You To Follow What You Love, Not Just Who You Love

Instagram is a great platform to follow friends and the creatives you love, but it has always felt something was lacking. That lack may have just been fulfilled as the widely popular social network now lets users follow #hashtags.  This new feature gives you the ability to watch for top posts and Stories about a topic

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3 Ways You Can Optimize Your Facebook Page To Get More Visitors

Many companies, big and small, pour A LOT of time, money and effort into Facebook but fail to do one very important and fairly simple thing … optimize their actual Facebook page. Neil Patel spends a lot of time analyzing the performance of his Facebook, and because of this, he is able to generate (so he

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