How To Create A Remarkable Website Experience For Your Visitors

Exceptional Website DesignHaving a great web experience for your visitors not only benefits them, it positions your site to be purpose-driven and better help you achieve your goals. Rahul Das (@rdas121) wrote an article/checklist on creating an exceptional web experience for your purpose-driven website.

At high level, Das’ article covers:

Define Your Site’s Purpose

Your website homepage is your company’s face to the world. Your potential customers will look at your website before doing business with you. Your homepage gets more views than any other page on your website. No matter which page your customer visits in your website’s realm, they will come back to the homepage. Tell them who you are and what you offer.

Talk To Your Visitors and Answer Their Questions

People visit your website with a goal in their mind. They want to accomplish something and maybe they will buy what you are offering. Sometimes businesses fail to make sales via their website because they already failed to provide the information their customers are looking for.

Use Visuals To Enhance User Experience

Stop using useless hi-res stock photography. If your customer isn’t able to relate themselves with the image, the purpose of putting “beautiful” images will backfire. Use images or videos of real people dealing with the context which your business offers.

Prioritize Your Content

People read in first a horizontal movement, usually across the upper part of the content area. Use proper headline and sub-headlines to help them scan the area. If they find value in the content they definitely will read it in the Z-Pattern. At first, visitors look through the heading moving from left to right, then look at the lower left part and repeat left to right eye movement. To help them to read it without any struggle, you should use bulleted lists, highlighted keywords, use short paragraphs and never ever use jargon-filled language.

To get the complete checklist along with some other useful tips – like Jakob’s Law of the Web User Experience – read Here’s Your Checklist To Create Exceptional Web Experience by Rahul Das.

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