Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Makes Achieving Your Goals Possible

Effective digital marketing drives awareness, it engages, and it encourages your audience to take action.

It develops a mutually beneficial relationship with prospects, leads, and customers.

It presents the right offer, at the right time, and in the right place.

It’s objective, measurable, and accountable.

It makes achieving your goals possible

Successful Digital Marketing Is Multi-Faceted

The key elements to a digitial marketing strategy that helps you achieve your goals are:

  • Know your audience and why they need your product or service.
  • Effectively communicate how customers benefit.
  • Understand your market and identify how to stand apart from your competition.
  • Know where and how to engage your audience at different stages of their buying cycle.
  • Build relationships that convert prospects into happy customers.
  • Identify your Return on Investment objectives.
  • Be able to monitor and measure campaign performance.

Digital marketing puts you in all the places your audience is online, then using a variety of channels (paid search, email, SEO, social media, etc.) moves them through a Customer Journey buying cycle

Digital Marketing Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Digital Marketing Process


Define Market Fit

Before we focus on generating traffic, we need to be clear on what it is your offer and who your audience is. This will ensure your offering(s) match your audience, provide the foundation for advertising creatives that resonate with your audience, and lay the framework of your Customer Journey – how digital marketing will move your propects to customers


  • Define your Products/Services and elaborate on how each offering moves customers from a “Before” state to an “After” state. Customers don’t actually want a product or service… they want an outcome, and this phase clarifies that.
  • Define your Audience Personas. Who is your audience? Why do they need you? How do you help them? What objections may you need to overcome.
  • The output of this phase can be used in advertising creatives and marketing materials during the different stages of the Customer Journey.

Mapping The Customer Journey

The Customer Journey (similar to a sales funnel) maps out how different offers convert prospects into leads, and then leads into customers. It establishes a repeatable and coordinated strategic framework for different digital marketing tactics to operate within. It allows us to establish performance metrics that actively assess the overall performance of any campaign including ROI.


  • You become familiar with the Customer Journey framework, the different phases of the journey, the conversion points that move customers from one phase to the next, and which digital marketing tactics are best suited for each phase.
  • We also identify your offerings, the value of those offerings, how each offering moves customers along their journey, and how those offerings will impact your bottom line.
  • Your Customer Journey is mapped, and when it comes time to implement different digital marketing tactics, we simply look at your Customer Journey and implement whichever tactic is needed for a particular phase.
  • Lastly, we create funnel simulations that model the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel so that we can both assess a marketing campaign’s potential viability before any money is invested.
  • Apply on-page SEO enhancements
  • Administer an installed plugin

Additional administrative support requests are performed as needed and billed at an hourly rate.

Marketing Analysis

Phase 1 and 2 focus on you an your customers, the third phase focuses on how to effectively reach those customers. This phase reveals overall market opportunity and lay the groundwork for how you will attract prospects. Plain and simple, it’s a lot of data gathering on your market competitors, and the data gathered is what we continue to track and monitor for you


  • A comprehensive audit of your website and any current marketing activities.
  • Gathering search volume and trend data on organic search that relates to your products and services
  • Assessing current advertising spend in your market to get a feel for what’s being spend on paid ads.
  • Looking at social signals to see how much social media affects your market, and to identify which channels are best opportunities.
  • A thorough competitive analysis to see where you can stand out.

Digital Marketing Strategy

This is where all the work phases 1 – 3 comes together and is turned into an executable Digital Marketing Strategy


  • Identifying digital marketing tactics and channels that will Attract prospects.
  • Planning your Engagement strategy by identifying content that prospects will find educational and entertaining. The focus is to help your establish credibility and build a relationship so that prospects will feel comfortable giving your their contact information.
  • Refining your Customer Journey and any Conversion points that move prospects to customers.
  • Establishing important metrics and performance reporting that monitors campaign ROI.
  • Assigning budgets, execution timelines and what resources will be needed to execute the plan.


This is where it all comes together and your approved Digital Marketing Strategy is set in motion by first building out each component, then executing/managing it, continuously monitoring performance in a completely open and transparent way, and adjusting tactics as necessary. You can choose to have us manage everything, or simply leverage our expertise and objective position as your trusted advisor and strategic coach.