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4 Rules for Creating a High-Converting About Us Page
4 Rules for Creating a High-Converting About Us Page


Learn the 4 rules for creating high-converting About Us Pages. Check out the examples, tips and framework for the top About Us Pages in the world.

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52% of respondents said the first thing they want to see when they land on a website is a company’s ‘About Us’ page.
People decide who to trust, who to buy from and who to listen to based on a simple metric of believability. Your company’s success is directly impacted by how trusted and liked you are.
Your ‘About Us’ page is where you make that first personal connection with your prospect. It’s where they find out if you ‘get them’, if you’re like them and if you’re trustworthy.
If you’re ready to create the latter, (the high converting type of ‘About us’ page), here are the 4 elements you need to make sure of:
  1. Make it About the Customer – What customers are really looking for is to see how well you understand them and their pain
  2. Talk TO Your Customers, Not At Them – Your prospect is searching for someone who speaks to her, someone she can identify with and nod at the screen in agreement while saying – “Exactly!”
  3. Tell the Story – A story makes you believable, trustworthy and it humanizes your business.
  4. Don’t Just Say It, Show It – Use the right kind of photos of your team, photos that will establish believability and make your customers want to grab a coffee with you and have a chat.

Takeaways …

  • Make sure your About Us page is prominent and easy to find.
  • How much traffic does your About page get? Compare it to other pages on your site.
  • Are ~50% of new visitors going to your About page?
  • What is the About page bounce rate?
  • Read your About page content. Does it cover the 4 points above?
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