Instagram Now Allows You To Follow What You Love, Not Just Who You Love

Instagram is a great platform to follow friends and the creatives you love, but it has always felt something was lacking. That lack may have just been fulfilled as the widely popular social network now lets users follow #hashtags. 

This new feature gives you the ability to watch for top posts and Stories about a topic on your Instagram home page. Rather than having to dig this content out of search or the Explore tab, you can see the best images or videos no matter who posts them.
This new addition is useful because following a hashtag could be a good way to regularly discover new users who post about the content you care about. It’s also extremely useful for when you want to see more on a certain topic, but don’t want to deal with everything else individual users post.
This change has the potential to help users see beyond their own social graphs and dive deeper into niche communities they care about, making Instagram more endless. There is also the potential for this leading to more targeted and more powerful advertising opportunities. 

How this change impacts Instagram, its users, and businesses/brands that leverage the network for digital marketing will be interesting to monitor. 

Instagram #Hashtag Follow Roundup

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