A Complete Beginner’s Guide to SEO

SEO is always top of mind for most of our clients (including us) and how their sites are performing in the Organic Search Rankings. Because of this, we’re always being asked: how does SEO work and how to improve search rankings. We also teach SEO classes locally here in Rhode Island.

SEO Guides, Tutorials and Learning Materials

This post will be one of many that introduces you to some of the best SEO guides, tutorials and materials on the web for learning and understanding SEO. We hope it helps.

On the surface, without knowing much about Search Engine Optimization, it can seem complicated and a bit like black magic. It’s actually not complicated and it’s certainly not black magic.

SEO just requires a bit of understanding and some good solid practices to make it work for your website and improve your rankings.

A Complete Beginners Guide to SEO

To kick things off, we’d like to introduce you to “The Complete Beginner’s Guide to SEOby Buffer.

Buffer’s guide to SEO is a great place to start your journey on learning search engine optimization because as they explain it:

In this post, we’re going to break it down in the complete beginner’s guide to SEO: what SEO is, how it works, what factors affect search and what sorts of changes you can make today to improve your search optimization.

We also think it’s a great place to start your SEO journey for a few additional reasons:

  • It’s a great guide for beginners because it omits a lot of the advanced technical details and just focuses on the core 20% of fundamentals that will drive 80% of your results (we’re big fans of the Pareto Principle).
  • It’s broken down into easily digestible sections, with each one providing a primary focus.
  • It has a lot of screenshots, videos, images and infographics to help you see a better picture of what is needed to succeed.
  • There are a number of useful links to other actionable resources like “5 4 Simple Ways To Improve Your SEO Today.”

Buffer is best known for its social media management tools, but they really do a great job explaining SEO with this beginner’s guide. If you’re beginner or even a seasoned pro, this will be a great guide to review.

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