Purpose-Driven Web Design

A Website Designed To Help You Achieve Your Goals

A professionally designed website can elevate your brand, generate buzz, solicit positive attention, and give each visitor a positive and lasting experience.

But what if your website could do more than just look good and generate positive vibes? What if it could help you attain something higher, something more meaningful, something more purposeful?

Well it can. Your website can be purpose-driven.

What Is A Purpose-Driven Website?

  • A purpose-driven website clearly defines why you do what you do.
  • It attracts visitors who need your help, your products, and/or your services.
  • It articulates how you are uniquely qualified to help and service those visitors.
  • It proudly showcases what solutions, services or products you have to offer.

A purpose-driven website is carefully designed with your purpose and strategic objectives in mind. It encourages visitors to discover, engage, connect, and develop lasting relationships that benefit both you and them.

Helping you achieve your goals is why we build and support purpose-driven websites. That’s our purpose.

Our Web Design Process

5 Phases, 1 Great Website

Define Your Goals

Your goals are important to us and knowing them determines how your website will help you attain them. Our web design process starts by getting to you know your purpose (why you do what you do). We learn your near and long term goals and how your new website will help you achieve them. We kick-off the project with an extensive questionnaire that captures everything we need to know. 

Design Mockup

With your purpose and goals in mind, we design your website to accurately represent your brand and purpose. Your site architecture, every image, each page layout, and every call to action are designed to serve your visitors and help you reach your goals. You are able to review the design during this process and have a final sign-off before it goes on to development.

Development & Coding

Your new website starts to come to life during development. The design you approved, the features you need, the final styling and layout, and the SEO and performance optimization all come together in a secure and independent staging environment.

Testing & Launch

When your site is ready to launch we test and review all aspects of it. We perform three independent technical and performance audits for quality assurance. We also provide comprehensive end user training so that you know exactly how to use your new site. And once everything is ready, your new website goes live … watch out goals, here you come!


Once your site is launched, it needs ongoing support and maintenance to ensure it’s always working properly. We include a complimentary two month membership to our popular Website Care program. While you settle in and start enjoying your new website, we’ll provide worry-free support and maintenance, secure high speed web hosting, reliable backups, and professional performance reporting on the house.

Web Design Features

Every website is unique, but these are some of the most common features we deliver.

Website Platform

Your site will be built on a powerful and easy to use platform that will adapt as your goals and needs grow. We prefer WordPress, but your needs may require a different platform.

Custom Design

Custom graphics and content writing/development that accurately represents your brand and moves visitors to your goals.


Design that’s responsive and looks great on all devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website will be optimized to be found in search engines for the right terms.


Proper analytics setup along with goal tracking so that you’ll always know how your site is helping you achieve your goals.

Fast Site Speed

Your site’s speed impacts SEO and user experience. We optimize your site’s speed, which makes Google happy and improves engagement with your site visitors.


We teach you how to use your website. When you’re done with our training that’s customized to meet your needs, you’ll have no trouble managing your website.

Advanced Functionality

We also do website development for ecommerce sites, directories, event and class registration sites, community news portals, secure membership sites, and integration with third parties.