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Don’t Be Stranded

Google Plus is one of the newest ways to engage in social networking and is beneficial for businesses to use. This service allows Google users to create groups that they can communicate with. Those groups are called circles and users can create circles that consist of different groups of people. For example, a company could create one circle for their employees and one circle for their clients. This allows for specialized communications that can help a business target their audience of consumers or target a specific subset of the company’s employees.

To become even more useful for companies, Google Plus business was recently launched. A Google Plus business page is similar to a Facebook business page but is geared more towards professional use than Facebook is. Google Plus business pages allow a business to update their status.

Many Benefits

One benefit to creating a Google Plus business page is that Google will rank a business higher than they would have otherwise. This means that any business that is struggling to drive more traffic to their website will want to create a Google Plus business page as soon as possible.

Google DoodleOther benefits:

  • With so many businesses using Google Plus, word is spreading that it is a great way for businesses to advertise. This gives Google Plus a better reputation and as a result, more businesses use it to find customers and more customers use it to find businesses they can connect with. Google Plus’s credibility is quickly rising.
  • Since Google indexes Google Plus listings, stronger SEO plans are automatically being created, saving the business time and money.
  • Google Plus offers so many sharing options that businesses are able to market themselves to consumers without having to do anything more than create a listing. Since Google Plus is so easy to use, more people and businesses are willing to use it, which benefits everyone.
  • Engaging with consumers is easy for any business to do when they use Google Plus because people love to use social media sites these days because they find it easy, interesting and fun.
  • When a business includes links to its other social media sites on Google Plus those social media sites are visited more often than before.

It’s Free to Sign Up

In order to get in on this, you must have a Google account. If you do not, you can sign up for one for free. Once you have obtained your Google account you will be able to go to Google’s website and click on the link that says “Create Your Google Plus page”. After that the next step is to click on the link that says “Local business or place.” In the event you have a business listing in Google Places or on Google Maps, your information will automatically be used to create your Google Plus page.

Google Plus includes its own unique search engine. The Google Plus Local feature is a great way for small businesses to market themselves and stand out from their competition. Google Plus Local works by collecting information from the Internet which is then used to determine if a business should be listed on Google Plus Local or not. The more information any business supplies about themselves online the more likely they are to rank high within Google Places listings.

For busy business owners, Google Places and Google Plus provide quick and efficient ways to advertise themselves. Google Plus is easy to sign up for and can benefit any company when used correctly.


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